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The #1 Ranked iPhone and iPad app in Travel category in many countries. Great success on Google Play Store just days after realise!

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*** The Best and Easiest Personal Trip Computer and Police Early Warning System, Always Up-to-Date ***

Join Drive Help community and be part of real-time traffic reports and enjoy detailed information about your trip. You can report police patrols and speed traps and, at the same time, see reports from other users. There is no magic in this app, so help others and in return expect help from them, by entering patrol locations. Alerting module is very intuitive so you will be warned properly about the risks on the road reported by other users.

Drive Help is an application made with drivers in mind. With a set of very helpful features Drive Help will quickly become your perfect driving buddy. On just one screen you will have a bunch of helpful information about your trip. With Drive Help application you can measure your trip duration, track your speed and travel expenses and much more.


– Simple Personal Trip Computer
– Track your trip duration, distance, average, maximum and current speed
– Set up fuel price, currency and fuel consumption so you can track your travel expenses
– Report police patrols on the road and see reports from other users

Localized on eight languages:
– English
– German
– French
– Italian
– Spanish
– Hungarian
– Croatian
– Serbian
– Slovenian

For more information visit: Drive Help Facebook page

Drive Help – Quick start guide


“It’s very useful app for all drivers. The app has great intuitive interface and easy to use. This app tracks the traffic nearby you and other additional information. You can also report police right from the app.” – MrCooper5

“Really nice and intuitive app, great way to stay safe on those long car trips!” – BLYoshi

“Yes it’s great, this will give much help for you that have long trip or in unknown place. make my trip safely.” – Adisus

* No registration or account is needed for use of Drive Help.
* Enable GPS for use in this application!
* GPS usage will reduce device battery life.
* Data connection is required to send and receive traffic reports.
* Data consumption is very low

Drive Help is free, join our driving community and experience your journey in a whole new way!

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