Pick One

Pick One FREE is the first in line of simple but challenging games for Android, iPhone and iPad, where the basic task is to choose between two or more options and find the right answer.

The basic concept is “plain and simple”, which means, no difficult strategies are necessary. You just play this game for fun, and to prove you can do it better than the rest of the people out there 🙂












First Pick One game is all about making fast decisions and answering the simple question: ODD or EVEN? The player needs to count the objects on the screen as fast as he can and tap on ODD or EVEN button! The faster the player chooses the right answer, the more points he gets. So, make your count as quick as possible!

To make things harder, players will encounter many obstacles while playing. The first trouble is the BOMB! The player has a couple of seconds until explosion. If the bomb goes off, objects will be thrown all over the screen and the count will be more difficult. Also, players will have to deal with other obstacles later in the game, like: increased number of objects, movements and later random movement of objects.

Install for free from App Store and Google Play Store.